Why ‘Easy Summer’ is worth its price tag, but not all of it is good

By Mark Linsley – 2 July 2016 07:18:45Read moreRead moreLike a bunch of children, this summer, the children of my household spent much of their summer playing in the pool, eating sandwiches and having a blast in the park.

They also spent some time in the library.

In truth, my family spent most of our summer as well.

While the rest of the country enjoyed the heat, we enjoyed the sunshine and the opportunity to get away from the city.

While our parents and I did spend time outside, it was more likely that we’d get some sun in the summer months than in the winter.

And that’s when things got interesting.

When the temperatures started to drop and the temperatures dropped, our families’ summertime activities began to suffer.

It wasn’t just our families that suffered, but all of us.

At first, the weather looked to be good, but then the sun started to get darker, the clouds got bigger and the temperature dropped.

We had to adjust.

We moved to our home city.

We bought a new, bigger home.

Our garden shrank to accommodate our newly expanded space.

We took down our outdoor furniture and made it into a small backyard.

We moved out of our existing home and started to live out in the country.

At the same time, we took on a few new challenges.

The temperature dropped, but the wind picked up, making the summer more of a challenge than it should have been.

The weather got warmer and warmer, and the clouds grew thicker.

It was a whole new ballgame.

But we kept playing.

The kids kept playing, the garden kept growing and the kids grew taller.

Our gardens grew bigger and taller, and we grew stronger and stronger.

And then it started to rain.

We were all getting very tired.

We all began to look at each other and see if we could manage to get to the beach.

We started packing up the house.

We got out of the car, our lawn mowers and garden tools and put them in our garage.

We went to the store, and bought a few things to fill the cooler days.

We did all this for free.

We did it all so that we could go out and enjoy the weather.

But as summer turned to fall, we felt it was getting too much.

The clouds were getting bigger and thicker, the temperature was dropping and the summer was getting darker and darker.

And then it began to rain more.

So, we started thinking about all of our problems.

How do we get out of this situation?

What do we do if we have to leave?

What do we want out of it?

We started talking about what we needed out of life and how we were going to do it.

But we were all looking at each others eyes.

We weren’t talking about our future.

We were talking about who we were and what we wanted out of ourselves.

I can’t say that we were really prepared for it, but we were prepared to fight through it.

I know that’s a lot to take in.

But that’s the nature of life.

You learn how to cope with things that you’re not used to.

I had to fight hard to keep things going in our house.

We’d had to deal with it all season, all summer, all year.

We’d faced the worst winter on record.

But now it was starting to rain and the cold and the sun.

It felt like it was going to get worse.

We just had to get out there and see how we could survive.

The kids were a different story.

They’d had plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine, to have fun.

But it was pouring and we couldn’t find our lawnmowers.

They had been sitting in our yard all summer.

We got our garden back and started putting up a few trees and shrubs and making the garden more accessible.

But by then it was too late.

The water was rising and the ice was thawing and the winds were blowing and it was almost too late to get anything done.

We tried to find a way out.

We called the police.

But when the officers showed up, they didn’t even bother to ask what we were doing.

They just showed up and said that they were here to do their job.

And we had a hard time explaining why.

But I don’t think we had to.

We already knew what we would have to do if things did get bad.

I have two daughters and I had to work with my wife to make sure that we had enough food for them and that they could be fed and clothed.

And the best part is, we did it.

We didn’t want to lose the house because we didn’t have money, but I knew we could have done it without it.

It’s hard to explain to people who don’t know about this.

But I think it was really important for us to have the house we had.

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