New South Wales Government to give first priority to ‘food desert’ in the region

NSW Government will be given first priority in the area of food deserts as part of a plan to address the growing demand for locally produced foods.

The New South Welsh Government has announced the region will get the first priority under a $2.4 billion package, which will see up to 3,200 jobs created over the next four years.

The State Government has committed to funding 3,300 jobs in the food sector and will be the first in the country to receive funding under the Food Desert Strategy, which is to help deliver the $2 billion in projects.

The scheme will see the State Government provide $500,000 to the NSW Rural and Regional Development Agency (NRDA), the NSW Government and the Northern Territory Government.

A number of other states have also committed to provide $250,000 in funding to the NRDA.

“This will help deliver on the commitment to get more food into our communities and to make it as affordable as possible, with a priority on local food production,” Mr Scott said.

Mr Scott said the strategy would help deliver food security for the region.

“We’re committed to doing what we can to provide more opportunities for local businesses and workers to produce their own food,” he said.

“The strategy will help us meet the needs of our food-producing communities, and we’ll be investing in local jobs and local industries.”

The Government will also spend $300,000 over the coming year to establish a food production and processing centre in the city of Newcastle, which would create 100 jobs.

“It will be a hub for the industry and a gateway for the Northern Territories to access the supply chain and develop their own export markets,” Mr Ryan said.

The plan also includes the creation of a regional food processing facility in the town of Blyth, which Mr Ryan described as a “food desert”.

The $2,4 billion in infrastructure projects, announced by the State’s Premier, Andrew Barr, will also include the establishment of the regional regional food bank, which the Government will manage through a private company.

The Government is also committing to creating a regional dairy processing facility, which has been previously set up in the Northern territory.

The Regional Development Plan has also committed $500 million to establish the Regional Farmers’ Business Council, which provides local and regional farmers with support, training and financial support.

Mr Barr said the Government would invest $5 million to build a food processing plant in the Sydney suburb of Glenorchy, which could produce up to 25,000 tonnes of food a year.

“I’m pleased to announce the first significant investment of $500m in the dairy processing plant and the dairy industry,” Mr Barr said.

He said the new plant would be located at Glenorchys Dairy, and would have a capacity of about 20,000 animals.

“While this is a significant investment, it is a small investment compared to the $100 billion investment in the regional dairy industry which we’re committed,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“In all these projects we are committed to supporting local businesses, we are investing in the supply chains of these farmers, and supporting the supply of food for our families.”

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