‘I was told I had cancer’: The woman who was told she had cancer

The family of a Mississauga woman who became the subject of national ridicule after being told she may have had cancer has shared a powerful message that will resonate with others.

“I’m going to tell you how much it hurt.

I was told, ‘You have cancer.

You have cancer,'” said Rachel O’Brien.”

The truth is, I have cancer,” she said.

O’Brien was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago and was told by her doctor she had a “very rare” type of cancer.

The family was told her prognosis was six months.

“He told me that he knew I had a very rare cancer.

And I just cried, ‘Why would you say that?’,” O’Briens sister, Kay, told CBC News.”

They just told me, ‘If you don’t go to the doctor, you’re going to die.

And you’re not going to get it,'” O’Connor said.”

And then he said, ‘Oh, you have a few weeks left to live.'”

O’Connor told CBC she was told O’Connors prognosis would be “six months.”

“He said, and he said again, ‘It’s cancer.

It’s a very aggressive, very aggressive type of disease,'” Kay O’Brian said.

Kay O’ Brian and Rachel OBrien.

(CBC)O’Connours sister says she and her family were told OBrien’s prognosis had been changed to five months.

O’Reilly also said she was taken to an emergency room.

“We just started to cry, and it was just horrible.

We were like, ‘What happened?’,” she recalled.OReilly’s father, Mark O’Donnell, told the CBC that his daughter was “terrified” when she first learned her prognoses were changed.”

She was devastated, she was crying.

She was crying, ‘Where is he?’ she said, adding her daughter was told it was cancer.”

It was devastating.

I had to talk to my wife about what it was like for her,” he said.

Mark O’Donnell said Rachel was “furious” that she was being lied to.”

There’s no way in hell, Rachel, that you would lie to the public about anything, especially not about cancer,” he added.”

That’s how bad it was.””

The whole time, she’s telling me, I’m going, ‘I’m not dying,’ and it’s like, Oh, my God,” OReilly said.

A message to Rachel OReilly.

(Facebook)Kay OBrien said O’Dellis family is now seeking help from the Ontario Cancer Network to help them deal with the loss of their daughter.”

This is an injustice.

This is the cancer she has fought to live with for almost a decade,” Kay OBrien told CBC Toronto.”

To see this, to know that you’re lying to your daughter, it just hits home,” she added.CBC News has reached out to the Ontario Health Ministry for comment.

The O’Neiles say they are seeking help for Rachel, her mother and other family members.

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