Seahawks beat Patriots with vegan dessert recipes

Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch and his wife Brittany have created vegan dessert options for the team’s players and fans.

Lynch shared the recipe for the vegan dessert on Instagram on Tuesday.

The recipe uses almond milk and vanilla, while the flavors are vegan.

Lynchi, who was voted MVP last season, added that the dessert “really makes you feel like you’re at a party or a wedding, but it’s still the best kind of dessert that’s ever been made.

It’s something you can share with your friends and family, it’s something that’s totally personal, so it’s perfect for the holidays.”

The Seahawks have been known to take on a more celebratory approach to their food, as evidenced by Lynch’s viral Instagram video with a couple of friends celebrating the season-ending Super Bowl win.

The Seahawks and the NFLPA have been vocal about their support for the cause, but Lynch and company are now sharing recipes and recipes for their own vegan desserts, which could be the first of many to come.

The couple recently launched a website to share their vegan desserts and a Facebook page for fans to share recipes with.

The NFLPA has not commented on whether the team plans to allow Lynch to take part in the celebrations, which would require them to use their franchise tag and a franchise-high $13 million salary cap.

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