Zumbo’s Just Desserts Recipe Contest 2017 – Winners

Zumbo has teamed up with New York City’s first dessert bar, The Dapper Dessert Bar, to create their newest dessert: Zumbo just desserts.

The competition, called Zumbo Just Dances, was a success, with nearly 4,000 entries, with the winning dessert being the “Mango Chocolate Cherry Dessert” from Zumbo Dessert.

“It’s really nice to see that so many people are passionate about this dessert, so we are thrilled to see this become the new face of Zumbo,” said Chef Eric Cisneros, who worked with Zumbo to create the dessert.

“The Dapper is the first dessert restaurant to combine the flavor of a fruit salad with the sweetness of a dessert and we’re thrilled to be a part of this new trend.”

The winning dessert will be featured in the forthcoming season of the hit ABC TV show The Real Housewives of New York, and is a perfect example of how chefs are bringing delicious desserts to a new audience, said Zumbo President and CEO, Andrew Zumbo.

“This dessert is a great example of the innovative way that Zumbo is working to introduce a new concept to the food world, and to help drive the business forward,” he added.

Zumbo, whose desserts are inspired by the New York restaurant scene, has opened its first restaurant in New York in the East Village in 2014, and the company has a new bakery, The Original Zumbo Bakery, and other restaurants in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

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