Spain unveils new dessert gallery at the palace of the monarchy

Spain has unveiled a new dessert collection at the royal palace of Madrid, celebrating the first anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic.

The collection, created by the National Museum of Culture and the Library of Spain, features a number of traditional Spanish desserts, such as fritters, croissants and cakes.

“I am really pleased to see the first of these specialised collections at the National Palace of Madrid,” Culture Minister Miguel Angel Morones said in a statement.

“We have been working to make sure that these special treats are available to the public, and to bring the richness of Spain’s history to the table.”

Morones also said that the collection will be available for the public to visit at the Palace of Justice, which is located next door to the palace, and which has a similar name.

“The Palace of the Kings of Spain is one of the most famous royal palaces in the world,” Morones added.

“This collection will give visitors a great insight into the past and present of this country, which has been an epicenter of Spanish culture for centuries.”

The coronaviruses, which are highly contagious, have been killing millions of people across the world, with Spain now the deadliest country in the Americas.

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