‘Desserts for Dummies’ for Diners, Dives, and Divesers

Desserts are all the rage these days.

So what do you get for your dessert day?

You know, the normal stuff that you get at your typical party or corporate event.

That’s right, the dessert that is supposed to make your day special.

Here are some great dessert ideas to help you celebrate Dessert Week.


Dessert Cakes.

We love these dessert cakes and they are all customizable to your taste.

You can mix them up with berries, cream, or chocolate to make the perfect dessert for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any special occasion.


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

I have made my own ice cream recipes using chocolate chip and coconut buttercream.

These ice cream treats are delicious and can be made with just a few ingredients.


Frozen Tarts.

These are a perfect way to celebrate your birthday or special event with your family and friends.

They are also easy to freeze.

They make an excellent dessert for parties, parties, and corporate events.


Cream Pudding.

If you are in need of a healthy treat for your desserts, this cream pudding recipe will have you looking forward to a celebration.

You just mix together powdered sugar, chocolate chips, cinnamon and vanilla.


Chocolate Covered Rice Cake.

If your family is celebrating their birthday or anniversary, this rice cake recipe is perfect for you.

You will have a treat for the whole family!


Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cake.

This ice cream cake recipe uses chocolate chips to make a treat that will keep you full for a long time.


Chocolate Pudding Cake.

These chocolate pudding cake recipes are great for parties and are easy to make.


Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich.

A chocolate ice cream sandwich recipe is one of my favorites!

You can even make it for a special occasion with your guests!


Creme de Menthe Cake.

The cream of your choice is all you need to make this Creme De Menthe cake recipe.

You mix together a little cream, sugar and vanilla to make an elegant dessert.


Strawberry Pudding Ice Cream Recipe.

Strawberry pudding ice cream recipe is a classic dessert.

You add strawberries, cream and chocolate chips and you are ready to go!


Strawberry Ice Cream Ice Cream Cupcakes.

This strawberry ice cream ice cream cupcake recipe is the perfect way for you to celebrate a special day.

You have no problem eating a little dessert for every dessert!


Chocolate Cake for Desserters.

This chocolate cake recipe has a chocolate cupcake filling that is a perfect treat for dessert lovers.


Lemon Cake.

Lemon cake is an easy dessert recipe that you can make at home.

It is easy to store in a cupcake tin, freezer bag or freezer baggie.


Apple Pie.

This apple pie recipe is for dessert only.

You simply add lemon slices and orange juice and it is ready to be served.


Apple Cake with Peanut Butter Cream Sauce.

This Apple Cake recipe uses peanut butter to create a delicious dessert.


Fruit Salad Sandwich.

This fruit salad sandwich recipe uses fruit salad to create delicious desserts.


Lemon Banana Cake.

You are ready for dessert when you use a lemon cake recipe to create an apple pie.

You make a dessert by simply adding lemon slices, cream cheese, vanilla ice cream and ice cream topping.


Lemon Gingerbread Cookie Recipe.

This lemon gingerbread cookie recipe is made with whipped cream and lemon.

You combine all the ingredients to make something that will satisfy your sweet tooth!


Banana Cream Cake Recipe.

Banana cream cake is a dessert recipe for everyone.

You get the basic ingredients, but you can add different fruits and other ingredients to create your own dessert.


Lemon Cookie Dough.

This banana cream cake makes it easy to enjoy lemon cookies on a big cake.

You may use a cookie cutter or make it your own.


Banana Cake Recipe with Peanuts.

This cake recipe features a banana with peanut butter frosting.

You only need a few items to make it and it will be delicious for dessert.


Apple Chocolate Cake Recipe, Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe or Apple Cherry Cake Recipe for Chocolate lovers.

These apple chocolate cake recipes is a favorite for dessert people.


Strawberry Banana Cake recipe.

This Strawberry Banana cake recipe makes it fun to make at your favorite party.


Lemon Chocolate Cake.

All you need is a cup of vanilla ice-cream and a lemon slice.


Banana Coconut Cake Recipe With Peanut butter Cream Sauce, Apple Cream Cake and Lemon Cake Recipe in a Cup.


Apple Banana Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Recipe and Peanut and Lemon Cream Cake recipe in a Pan.


Banana Apple Cake Recipe and Apple Cinnamon Apple Cake.


Lemon Apple Cake and Strawberry Coconut Cake.


Banana Chocolate Cake with Coconut Cream Buttercream Sauce and Apple

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