How to eat your dessert at the end of the game

The NFL has given fans one more chance to get their desserts to their mouths before the playoffs, and now they have another option in mind: the Mont Blanc dessert.

It’s officially officially called the Mont Blanc, but fans can name it anything they want.

The dessert, which comes in two flavors, has been around since the 1950s, but the first time it was introduced in the NFL was in 2012.

And while fans of the NFL can get their hands on the dessert for the first playoff game, that doesn’t mean they have to wait until next season.

You can grab it now.

The new Mont Blanc is available in the store, in the restaurant, or through

The NFL also announced that the new dessert is available to fans who are eligible for the postseason game on the first weekend of February.

If you don’t want to wait for the NFL to introduce you to the new Mont Blanchones, here’s a taste of the new one:1.

A little vanilla frosting: 2.

Chocolate cream and whipped cream: 3.

Granola with whipped cream and chocolate syrup: 4.

Cinnamon-covered strawberries with whipped creme: 5.

Sugar cane cake with whipped sugar: 6.

Pumpkin pie with whipped chocolate frosting.


The Mont Blanc.


And now, a new dessert: the Bordeaux dessert.

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