How to make a sweet strawberry dessert

A simple strawberry dessert is the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day and the first thing to do after dinner, according to a recipe from The Globe and Mail. 

Desserts and other treats can be made with just about any fruit, but if you want something a little sweeter, try cranberry or apricot. 

Cranberry custard: A simple, simple custard.

Photo: Elizabeth Arden-Jones/The Globe and News/Getty Images.

For the first time in decades, strawberries are also popular in the United States. 

A survey released in December by the Pew Research Center found that people were willing to pay $9 for a single serving of strawberries, with another $4 for the strawberry sauce.

The average cost of a strawberry sauce in restaurants is $6.99, according the study, and many restaurants offer strawberry drinks. 

The new strawberry recipes are not all that different from the classic Strawberry Sauce.

But instead of sugar, they use cranberry juice and lemon juice. 

For this recipe, I used cranberry and almond milk to make my cranberry custards, which were both made with a combination of strawberries and lemon.

The fruit itself is sweet and tart, and the custard is simple enough to serve on a strawberry plate.

I also substituted vanilla for the vanilla syrup in my strawberries.

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