Why are we still making apple desserts?

Posted November 05, 2018 08:08:59The term apple desserts has been around for years, but the term ‘dessert’ has never really been a thing.

And the apple pie isn’t exactly the easiest dessert to make, either.

But, the latest edition of The Baking Co., a food blog for dessert aficionados, is hoping to change that.

“I think that people have really embraced the word ‘dinner’ because it is a food, and it has been used to describe a meal or something like that,” said co-owner Stephanie Cagle.

“The term has been very much in vogue in the last few years, and so it is nice to have a word that is more of a noun, like dessert, so people can describe what it is.”

Cagle is also trying to get the word out about the recipes, which are called apple desserts.

“We are trying to educate people to eat their dessert with the same attention to detail that they would eat a normal meal with,” she said.

Cagle said people love the idea of a dessert that’s more like a meal, but they want something different.

“There are a lot of recipes for apple pies, but we wanted to make apple desserts that we thought would be really interesting and really tasty, that people would actually enjoy eating,” she explained.

Cake lovers have already been sharing recipes online for apple desserts, with some even calling the recipes ‘doughnuts’.

The recipe for one of the desserts called the ‘tasty’ one is a blend of apples, honey, butter and brown sugar, while another called the “frosty” one is based on vanilla and coconut.

“If you want to make a dessert with more of an after-dinner meal feel free, I’m all for that,” Cagle said.

“It is very easy to do.

Just mix together all the ingredients and make sure that you use your hands, that you are very careful about it.”

Desserts have been a staple in American life for centuries, and the term apple dessert is used to refer to a kind of pastry, which usually contains flour, sugar, butter, eggs and salt.

However, some people still have reservations about the dessert.

“For a long time, people were reluctant to use apple desserts because of the potential health risks, but I think we are slowly starting to see that acceptance,” Cogle said.

In the US, apples are the most widely grown fruit in the world, and people have been eating them for centuries.

There are over 400 varieties of apples on the market.

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