What to watch in the Easter weekend as Easter gets underway in Melbourne

The season of Easter is just around the corner, with thousands of families lining up for free Easter dinners in their backyard.

And in Melbourne, there’s a big celebration taking place in the CBD for the last day of Easter celebrations.

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than in a big family gathering.

The city’s CBD will be home to a large family celebration at 3pm.

The celebration is being organised by The Easter Family Centre, which is known for its delicious Easter cakes.

Owner of The Easter Food Centre, Michelle Leighton, said the centre was inspired by the local community.

“The first thing we do is cook our Easter cakes and we try to get as many people involved as possible so that everyone feels like they can have a family meal at the centre,” Ms Leighton said.

The centre will also offer special Easter fare, including an Easter brunch buffet.

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