‘I’ll have a steak dinner tomorrow’: Man takes selfies of himself in the sun

An extraordinary man has posted a video on Facebook showing him taking selfies in the sunshine at a local beach.

The man, named as Richard, said he was happy to get the sun off but had some questions about its ethics.

“I’m going to have a meal today.

It’s got a steak, potatoes, and pasta, it’s good.

I’ll have some potatoes and some pasta with some steak,” Richard said.

“It’s going to be pretty good.

So I think I’m going out.”

Richard, a 52-year-old from South Australia, told 7.30 that he would be taking a selfie on his mobile phone but was worried about privacy.

“It will definitely get people asking, ‘is he going to get a warrant to get these photos?” he said.”

Is he going on a fishing trip?

Is he going fishing for a fish or is he going out to eat?

Is that what he wants to do?

Is it something he wants?

“Richard said he would like to have his photo taken in the sand in front of the beach and ask the man for advice.”

Do you have any advice for me?” he said he asked the man.”

No, I have no advice.

I just want to get some sunshine.

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