India’s favourite desserts – dessert by dessert

India’s desserts are becoming a popular choice among its urbanites and tourists.

From ice cream to curries to pies, desserts are gaining popularity across the country.

With so many different kinds of desserts available, it’s easy to miss out on the best desserts for a given occasion.

Here are some of the best dessert options across the city of Delhi.1.

Mango Pudding2.

Fruity Pudding3.

Raspberry Pudding4.

Dessert by dessert5.

Peanut Butter Pudding6.

Peas & Prawns7.

Mocha Pudding8.

Chocolate Pudding9.

Coconut Milk Pudding10.

Tangerine Pudding11.

Cinnamon Tarts12.

Frosted Caramel Pudding13.

Pumpkin Mousse14.

Caramel Apple Pie15.

Lemon Pudding16.

Churro Pie17.

Lime Pudding18.

Baked Mango Puddings19.

Chai Pudding20.

Danish Oatmeal Pie21.

Coffee Pudding22.

Spicy Coconut Pudding23.

Sour Pudding24.

Breaded Mango Pie25.

Mungbean Pudding26.

Mushroom Cake27.

Spiced Orange Pudding28.

Apple Pie29.

Apple & Lemon Pudding30.

Pecan Pie31.

Pineapple Pie32.

Pomegranate Pie33.

Poppy Seeds34.

Apple Cider Pudding35.

Pistachio Pudding36.

Cherry Lime Pie37.

Citrus & Apple Pudding38.

Chickpea Puddies39.

Sweet & Sour Pudders40.

Sweet Potato Puddles41.

Sweet Pea Pudlings42.

Banana Pudding43.

Apple Crumble Cake44.

Lilac & Raspberry Pudding45.


Apple Muffins47.

Sweet Apple Pudels48.

Meringue & Mango Cake49.

Apple Coconut Puddie50.

Mint Chocolate Cake51.

Choco Pudding52.

Chunky Chocolate Cake53.

Cranberry Cake54.

Cotton Candy Pudding55.

Cucumber Pudding56.

Bananas Pudding57.

Chili & Orange Pudelots58.

Apple Cream Pie59.

Cream Cheese & Orange CreamPie60.

Orange Pudding61.

Papaya Cake62.

Spiked Banana Cake63.

Dried Caramel Cake64.

Mangaluru Fruit Cake65.

Rice Cake66.

Crispy Coconut Cake67.

Sweet Cake68.

Peach & Pineapple Cake69.

Dandelion Cake70.

Chilled Strawberry Cake71.

Sweet Chocolate Cake72.

Mud Pie73.

Orange Coconut Cake74.

Chia Pudding75.

Pina Colada Cake76.

Orange & Peach Pudding77.

Peaches & Cream Cake78.

Muesli & Lemonade79.

Celery Pie80.


Lamb Chowder82.

Fruit Cake83.

Cauliflower Cake84.

Cookie Dough85.

Orange Churro86.

Cocktail Cake87.

Bananavian Pie88.

Apple Custard89.

Orange Tart90.

Creme Brulee91.

Miso Pudding92.

Soy Creamed Corn93.

Sesame & Chai Pudles94.

Curry & Peanut Butter Pie95.

Cappuccino Pie96.

Raisins & Orange Peanuts97.

Paneer Pie98.

Chana Masala Cheesecake99.

Pudding Dough100.

Maggot Pie101.

Pizza Dough102.

Roughly Cut Dough103.

White Bread Bread104.

Pasta Bread105.

Mutton Pie106.

Fava Beans & Sausage107.

Sugar Free Cottage Cheese108.

Spaghetti Sauce109.

Cheddar Cheese110.

Chicory Sauce111.

Sausage Pesto112.

Mashed Potato Pie113.

Chorizo & Mushroom Pie114.

Sauce Biscuit115.

Spinach & Tomato Pudding116.

Diced Tomatoes117.

Paleo Pestos118.

Corned Beef Pie119.

Cilantro Pestomos120.

Spam Pestomi121.

Beef & Onion Soup122.

Canned Mango Fries123.

Lemongrass Fries124.

Sparkling Orange Fries125.

Spices of Life126.

Molasses Chicken127.

Cantaloupe & Limeade128.

Mooch & Coconut Water129.

Chilli Peanut Curry130.

Salsa Chicken131.

Biscuit & Chutney132.

Laminated Caramel Corn133.

Cherries & Cilantro Lime Soup134.

Chilli Peanut Cream Pie135.

Coriander Pear Soup136.

Mixed Green Bean Curry137.

Kale & Beetroot Curry138.B

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