Italy is getting a new dessert after it’s a hit in Italy

LONDON — Italy is celebrating its newest dessert after the U.K. has made it its own.

Italian food blogger Stefano Bonacini shared the recipe on Instagram for the ice cream dessert he’s been making since October.

Bonacinis ice cream has been popular in Italy for several years.

It’s made from whipped cream, sugar and butter.

Bonacini said he was surprised that his ice cream recipe was being shared in such a big way.

He said his ice creams popularity started at the beginning of this year.

He has also made his icecream for the holidays and the birthdays of his family.

Bonaccini said the recipe he shared on Instagram was not his first.

He made it in the summer of 2016.

Bonaccini made it with a sweet vanilla custard that is known as tarragon.

He used a different vanilla cream in the base of the ice cream.

He also used an egg white base, a cream cheese frosting and sugar to make the filling.

Bonacci said his family loved the recipe.

He said the family likes the flavors of the custard and ice cream and it has become a holiday favorite in Italy.

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