How to make pumpkin pie at home: ‘I know what it is like to be hungry’

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma, a woman whose husband works at a local gas station explained how she uses the “secret recipe” to make the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

“I know when I’m hungry and want to eat pumpkin,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution from her husband, who has worked at the gas station for nearly 20 years.

“So I make it with a little bit of pumpkin and a little pumpkin pie spice,” she said, adding, “I make it a little thinner and a lot thinner, and it tastes really good.”

The recipe uses a mixture of spices to bring out the flavors of the pumpkin and the spice mix.

The woman’s husband, though, is skeptical of the authenticity of the recipe.

“There are so many fake pumpkin recipes out there,” said Joe Johnson, who owns Johnson’s Pub in Oklahoma City.

“This is one of the ones that I trust and I’ll be damned if it’s not true.”

In an email, the gas-station owner also said he didn’t want to be called a “fake pumpkin pie” and wouldn’t use the recipe because it was so “fake.”

The woman said the recipes that have appeared online include the popular “Pumpkin Bites” series and a recipe from the late chef Michael Pollan, who is credited with inventing the phrase “pumpkin pie.”

But she said the pumpkin pie she uses is the real deal.

“It’s real,” she told Fox News.

“And the ingredients are real.”

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