A Very Merry Christmas to everyone who enjoys playing Hearthstone!

IGN is proud to present this very Merry Christmas from IGN.

We have been celebrating our annual holiday with you for a while now, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate with you with a bit of a holiday tradition.

Hearthstone is one of the best games ever made, and we all love playing it!

That’s why we are giving away a very special holiday card that comes with a very unique gift.

The card comes in a specially made foil foil card pack, and it is an incredibly festive card!

The gift card is a great way to share the holiday with family and friends!

It comes with an exclusive Hearthstone card: This card is available to play for the first time on December 24, 2017!

This card comes with two Hearthstone cards: Battlecry: Gain an extra 1 Health and Divine Shield for your next 2 turns.

If you don’t have the Hearthstone expansion, this card will also work with the Hearthstone Classic expansion.

We are giving a limited quantity of this card.

Get it while you can, because the holiday season is upon us!

The card is an 8.5″ x 11″ card, so it is perfect for framing!

You will receive this card at the end of the month!

The holiday card comes to you in two packs: a foil foil pack, which is the best gift card you can give!

You’ll receive one foil foil foil package of this holiday card, which comes with the following: A very special Hearthstone card.

This card will work with all of the Hearthstone expansions.

This gift card will not be distributed to anyone else.

This holiday card is only available through December 24.

This Christmas card is also available for $14.99 at your local Target store!

If you purchase the Holiday Card Bundle, you will receive a bonus Hearthstone card, along with all other Hearthstone card bundles.

This bundle contains: Two foil foil packs of this Holiday card.

A special card, that you will only receive when you purchase this bundle.

This Holiday card comes only in foil foil packaging.

This festive card is exclusive to IGN!

This is the only Hearthstone card that you’ll ever be able to receive for the entire holiday season!

The foil foil Christmas card comes out to you at the beginning of December.

This is an exclusive gift for IGN!

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