When a sugar cookie tastes like an Indian dessert, here’s how to make a sugar and banana dessert

The first time I had a sugar cookies and banana cake, I was like “oh man, this is delicious!”

And that was when I made them.

But if you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy during the holidays, you can try out these sweet Indian desserts, which feature a twist on traditional desserts.1.

Mango cake with coconut milk2.

Peanut butter and almond sponge cake3.

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing4.

Chocolate chai cake5.

Sweet and savory coconut cake6.

Baked coconut cake with raspberry jam7.

Peanuts, chocolate and coconut cake8.

Coconut cake with peanut butter and coconut jam9.

Coconut dessert with strawberry jam10.

Sweet, savory and savoury coconut cake11.

Coconut-chocolate dessert12.

Chocolate pudding with chocolate and peanut butter13.

Coconut cream pie14.

Coconut chocolate cake with sweet cream15.

Coconut milk chocolate cake16.

Coconut custard cake17.

Sweet chocolate coconut cake18.

Chocolate and coconut pudding19.

Sweet dessert with peanut and coconut syrup20.

Chocolate chocolate cake21.

Sweet cake with cinnamon22.

Sweet-sour chocolate cake23.

Coconut ice cream with chocolate syrup24.

Sweetened chocolate ice cream25.

Sweet coconut ice cream26.

Sweet strawberry ice cream27.

Chocolate coconut icecream28.

Strawberry ice cream29.

Sweet ice cream30.

Chocolate-fudge ice cream31.

Sweet sorbet32.

Strawberry sorbet33.

Sweet vanilla sorbet34.

Sweet sugar cookie cake35.

Sugar cookie cake36.

Chocolate ice cream cake37.

Chocolate raspberry cake38.

Sweet raspberry ice cream39.

Sweet almond ice cream40.

Sugar-and-nut ice cream41.

Sweet cherry ice cream42.

Chocolate chip ice cream43.

Chocolate strawberry ice Cream44.

Coconut chip ice Cream45.

Chocolate mousse ice Cream46.

Sweet macaroon ice cream47.

Sweet coffee ice cream48.

Chocolate milk ice cream49.

Sweet cinnamon ice cream50.

Sweet apple ice cream51.

Sweet mango ice cream52.

Sweet lemon ice cream53.

Sweet peach ice cream54.

Coconut and mango icecream55.

Sweet pomegranate ice cream56.

Coconut pudding57.

Chocolate cream pie58.

Coconut muffin pie59.

Strawberry cake60.

Chocolate cookie pie61.

Coconut cookie pie62.

Sweet cream pie63.

Sweet banana pie64.

Coconut pie pie65.

Chocolate pie pie66.

Sweet pineapple pie67.

Chocolate custard pie68.

Chocolate jelly pie69.

Chocolate lemon pie70.

Chocolate tea pie71.

Coconut lemon pie72.

Chocolate cinnamon pie73.

Chocolate jam pie74.

Coconut pecan pie75.

Chocolate apple pie76.

Coconut apple pie77.

Banana pie78.

Sweet pecan apple pie79.

Sweet blueberry pie80.

Lemonade pie81.

Raspberry pie82.

Lemon cake83.

Strawberry jelly pie84.

Banana jelly pie85.

Apple pie86.

Apple jelly pie87.

Sweet potato pie88.

Strawberry pie89.

Apple pies90.

Chocolate cherry pie91.

Apple apple pie92.

Apple apples93.

Apple pecan pies94.

Apple strawberries95.

Strawberry jam pie96.

Apple cookies97.

Strawberry pies98.

Chocolate brownies99.

Chocolate pecan cakes100.

Chocolate cakes

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