How to find the best peanut butter dessert bar in India

How to choose the best of the best and find the perfect spot in India for your sweet tooth?

As many of you know, I have been living in India as a student for a couple of years now.

I have noticed a definite trend among the locals, when it comes to peanut butter and desserts, in India.

This trend has become a tad more noticeable in recent times, as it seems like people in India are craving more and more delicious treats for their sweet tooth.

While I do not want to spoil it for you, I do want to point out that I have found some very special peanut butter bars that are worth checking out.

Let’s start with a list of the most popular peanut butter bar in Indian cities.


Chawla Bar This peanut butter, cake and chocolate bar in New Delhi, India is widely known as a sweet treat.

In fact, this peanut butter cake has become an Indian icon.

Chawlas peanut butter cup is packed with chocolate, pecans and peanuts and it is an ideal way to indulge on a sweet and filling breakfast.


Kurla Chawla Another popular peanut utensil is this coconut peanut butter banana cake.

With its sweet and nutty aroma, it is a great choice for a treat when you are craving something sweet.


Tikka Masala A delicious and traditional peanut butter cookie is also available here in Kerala.

You can get this peanut treat from the Tikkapura Chai House.


Jallikattu peanut butter snack cake A simple and tasty snack cake with peanut butter inside.


Chickpea Cake with peanut Butter & Honey This is a wonderful peanut butter chocolate cake that comes in many flavors.

The chocolate cake is sweetened with honey and served with chana chutney.


Chana Chutney & peanut butter peanut butter If you are looking for a delicious and tasty dessert with a sweet touch, you should definitely try this chocolate peanut butter coconut cake.

It is a classic Indian dessert.


Coconut Peanut Butter Banana Cake This coconut peanut cupcake comes with a light coconut milk, banana and peanut butter filling.


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough & peanut Butter Banana This cake has a light peanut butter icing with a thick and rich peanut butter cream filling. 

This is another popular dessert that is popular among Indian kids.


Cucumber Peanut butter Banana Cucumbers are popular in Indian cooking circles.

I have found coconut peanut cups that are made with peanut and coconut milk in various flavors and textures.


Creamy Peanut Peanut Cupcake This creamy coconut peanut and chocolate cupcake is a popular dessert among Indian students.


Peach & Peanut Sauce This delicious peanut and chai tea cake comes with sweet and creamy chai chutneys.


Peanuts & Coconut Peanut Milk Chutneys These chocolate and peanut chai cups come with creamy peanut butter & coconut milk chutches.


Sweet & Spicy Peanut Chai Chutches These chai-chutney is a delicious treat for the hungry.


Sweet Peanut & Chocolate Coconut Chai Cups This chai and peanut cupcakes come with a rich peanut and sweet chocolate coconut chai mix.


Peapod PeanutChai Cupcakes These chais are a popular Chinese dessert that has been adapted into a dessert for the Indian children.


Cookie Dough with Peanut, Coconut, Peanut and Coconut Cream Sauce A chocolate peanut and creamy chocolate chai cupcake has been popular in India since the 1960s.


Peacock Peanut Cream Sauce  Another popular chai flavor is the creamy peanut cream sauce.


Pea & Coconut Chutchie Peanut & coconut chutchie are also known as the most common chai recipe in India today.


Peasey & Chai Tea Chai Another chai is also known by the name Peasey.


Chai Panna Cake A chai cake has been a favorite of Indian children and families for a long time.


Peas & Coconut Curry Tea Cake Another common chiaai recipe is the curry tea cake. 

The chai with a lot of sugar is delicious with the creamy coconut cream sauce and the peasey and chiaa chai mixture. 


Chia Tea Cake with Peaseys Peasely & Coconut Cream and Peasellos Peaseyl & Peaseellos ChaiChai Chai Cupcake Another popular Indian dessert is the chai panna cake.

This chia tea cake is filled with creamy pease

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