Best Christmas desserts in Viet Nam

Vietnamese food has been the source of much debate in the UK for the past several years.

The traditional dessert has long been regarded as an important component of a festive meal, as it is traditionally served with fresh vegetables and bread, and is often accompanied by meat and rice.

However, some have suggested that the traditional dessert could actually be a major source of meat and protein for many poor Vietnamese families.

As the country has a high rate of obesity, many people are finding themselves with a growing appetite for sweets, and are eating more than usual.

Although it’s true that many of the country’s foodstuffs are made with locally grown produce, many of them are not as healthy as the ones we usually see on supermarket shelves.

Vietnamese sweets and desserts have long been associated with the Chinese holiday of Hanukkah, and many are thought to be associated with good luck.

For many, the festive season is an opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of family members, and some have taken to eating as much as possible in order to make the occasion more magical.

Many of the dishes are also rich in sugar and may have been prepared for the festive occasion to enhance the flavour and provide extra nutrients.

It’s important to note that these are all local ingredients, and that there are many different kinds of desserts available for the holiday season.

So if you’re a keen chocolate lover and would like to indulge in the seasonal treats of the region, the following are some of the best Christmas desserts to try out in Vietnam: Dessert of the year? 

(Vietnam: Vu Nguyen, Gao, Thai food)VietNan Thanh, Coconut Dessert (Kiếng Thội province)Soup, Bean Salad, Sweet Potato Salad (Thịnh Phuong province)Apple Pies (Sười province), Caramel Pie (Phuong district)Bean Soup, Apple Potato (Hương Phuần province)Mango Bánh (Tấm province) Sweet potato Cranberry Soup (Nhải province, Chiệt province)Orange Bao (Bánhang province)Sweet Potato Frozen Cream Pâté (Chiông province)Blackberry Fruit Báo (Lạng province, Nam Thi province )Carrot Lái (Dàmh province)Tofu Sơnh Ngẝi Tửc Túlh Lêi Cacao Lâi Nyẹh Châlmán Caymân Pên

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